The Contractors, Closers & Connections (CCC) is unlike any other organization, when it comes to our selective invitation process and perfect balance that we institute across the Commercial Real Estate & Construction Industries; our CCC Atlanta Executive Leadership Team seeks to hand-deliver, individually email, and personally message the top professionals from the most influential firms in the business, so that we all may convene and share in creating novel business relationships that stand the test of time.

Our invitation database is constantly growing, as we are seeking out new professionals to join our ranks, and word of mouth is spreading faster about CCC than any other organization in the Country with currently (7) National Chapters.  It is our mission to not only invite the large, well-known brokerage & development firms throughout Atlanta, but we are very adamant about attracting the boutique entities, which may float “under the radar,” but that doesn’t mean they are not doing incredible things in the community.

It’s important to note, that as our database grows by over (100) new contacts per day, that the availability for return invitations becomes slimmer, and we can only fit so many individuals into a given space on a particular date and time.  For this reason, we ask that you do not take it personally if our randomly selected computer shuffling system doesn’t pull your name up for this month’s event; there’s a good chance you’ll be on next month’s list of invites.

On Thursday, September 29th, we will be hosting a Private Event catered toward professionals in the Real Estate Development/Investment, Brokerage & Management community.  We’ll be occupying Scofflaw Brewing Co in Atlanta for a casual evening of fine weather and new conversations to usher in the Fall Season!  There will be plenty of NEW faces joining us, refreshing ales will quench your thirst, delicious Fox Bros BBQ will satisfy your hunger, and American Axes will be bringing their mobile axe-throwing setup for a little recreation throughout the evening, attendees will perhaps indulge in a cigar, and laughter is guaranteed.

The (200+) Commercial Real Estate Professionals who will be attending will be exploring new relationships with potential Joint Venture partners, debt lenders, attorneys, equity providers, elected officials, real estate brokers, property management firms, analysts, owner’s representatives, acquisitions/development directors, architecture firms, entrepreneurs and more!

Our SPONSORS comprise (15%) of the total audience, mainly consisting of Construction & Service Partners such as General Contractors, Engineering Firms, Material Suppliers, and Sub-Contractors, but we do have Financial Institutions, Real Estate Developers, and Real Estate Brokerages who simply enjoy a more pronounced brand awareness which is promoted in front of the CCC network through their Sponsorship.

Our mission at CCC is to “Make Business Personal Again” and allow for industry professionals to establish partnerships more easily, in a high-energy, genuine environment, therefore improving their overall quality of life and furthering their careers.


09/29/2022 6:00 pm







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